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Capital City Safety in Oklahoma City

Efficient, effective, affordable
fully-integrated safety programs

A construction safety management system that protects your staff and your bottom line

Independent safety consulting for the construction industry

Capital City Safety is an independent safety consulting service specializing in providing up-to-date and impartial safety advice to the construction industry. Our team has years of training and experience providing safety advice in the construction sector, and include graduates from nationally recognized, accredited safety programs.

Our talented staff has been recognized as rising stars by the National Safety Council, and team members also took part in an award winning construction management safety program by the Association of General Contractors of America and OSHA. They were also the only participants to complete both the OSHA Challenge and obtain Voluntary Protection Program Star Status in Oklahoma.

A flexible range of service options to fit all requirements

Safety requirements in the construction industry are always evolving, but employing a full-time safety professional to keep you current with changing legislation is often too costly for many businesses to consider. Capital City Safety offers our clients an effective and affordable way of fulfilling their health and safety responsibilities that is tailored to their exact requirements.

You may not have any safety policies established and need to determine what is needed, or perhaps you simply need your current policies reviewed to ensure that you're meeting current safety regulations. It doesn't matter where you're starting; we offer a custom service that focuses on building on the positive safety actions observed and equipping staff with the tools and knowledge that they need to remain safe on the jobsite.

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“Capital City Safety is built on a passion for safety and helping others. Our goal is to improve the safety culture in the construction industry. Safety is not a secret.”
~ Jordan Adkisson, CHST, Capital City Safety

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